March 27, 2017



It has not been easy but we have finally found the photo that identifies our Help and Support group.

It makes me very happy because a long time ago we struggled to have an ID, to have the club’s badge as identification. When there are several people to make decisions is very difficult to reach agreements but you are, we have it, it is our image and we like it, we will begin to identify with it, we will begin to feel and we will begin to know by the image.

The photo represents all the groups of the Network of Help and Support. The human being sees in the tree the idea of inspiration for evolution, connection and creation in all its forms, so it transmits in its plurality of meaning life itself; We thought it best to represent all of us who are part of the great human group that we have created.

Erica Ester García Cifuentes.

Erica is one of the visible heads of the Network of Help and Support, leads Argentina. It is one of the pillars of ours, always ready, always attentive, in silence and waiting to give their opinion to be heard, to indoctrinate us with their temperance and their knowing to be.

Another of the visible heads is Manoli, it takes the zone of Madrid. Visceral and affectionate will open and close the day with “Good morning hearts” or “Good night hearts”. Fight like a jabata for what you want and move whatever it takes to get things moving forward. She is a fearless, sensitive woman and will not give anything for lost until the referee whistles the end.

Mont is the third visible head of the Network. It takes Barcelona, a difficult zone by the history. Generous and also visceral will carry out the detective searches to keep the Net clean and out of danger, even if it has to get up early or bed late. It is affectionate and before exploding it will withdraw its voice of the conversation entering its shell like turtle frightened.

You can not ask for more, fibromyalgia gets much better when you have a team like this in your side where there are arguments, tears, consolations, joys, anger, reconciliations, desire to leave, etc.

Ah, I forgot, the truth is that we created this Network of Help and Support because we were tired of people with fibromyalgia had no where to cry, laugh, tell, discuss, read and talk about their suffering with people who understood them and To share their joys and sorrows, but always bearing in mind that we do not want to remain stuck in pain. The pain hurts so why stay all day in it, we will try to mislead you to see if we get it, and if so, YUPIIII !!!!

Thanks for sharing, I send kisses and hugs of cotton by sharing them to help more people

María Díaz.