March 28, 2017


How are you? How are you? Today I will not talk about us, our line; Today I’m going to talk about a person I know only about Facebook, a person who is in the Barcelona group; A person to whom life, despite giving it another chance, has her in her house, and when she feels very bad, in a room of the same. Today I will not talk about anyone from our Network, although we are all very important, I will talk about Juana Muñoz.

Juana is a person suffering from fibromyalgia in addition to other pathologies that she herself will tell us. He contacted me from the Barcelona Network. He read one of the articles and made a comment, I thanked him and we started talking from there. She is a strong person, not very strong, worthy of any admiration possible and with a lot of desire to help, because she understands that she can serve as an example to help other people or for doctors to understand many of their pathologies so it will be. And said and done, he has made a video of one of his days so that the rest of the world can understand the reality of all SQM patients.

On one occasion I tried to talk to her on the phone but it was impossible for me to keep the conversation in time, because I suffocated when I spoke. His house, although home, is a place to be secluded and to be safe from pollution, pollution, odors, etc. Your car has to be specially washed so you can climb on it and covered with sheets also washed in a special way. There is a protocol in the hospital for when she goes to the hospital, but it does not make her get rid of how bad she feels all the chemicals that are in it. The truth is that she is a brave among the brave and deserves a special mention in this blog and an aid to the disclosure that she wants to be made of her case.

I leave you with Juana Muñoz:

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.