April 1, 2017


Good sunny afternoons:

It seems that when the day is so sunny they are more eager to do things, especially if you are fibromyalgic; It is then that we become a little fimbrochágicos and when the other people distrust us. No matter, they will distrust the same, so to put on comfortable clothes, to put on our best face and to go out into the street, to see the world and the world to see us, because being fibromyalgic does not mean living imprisoned by the “what will say” ; Being fibromyalgic means living with pain, living with many of the symptoms that we have to get ahead ourselves, many times with the help of our relatives and other times with the sacrifice of them. Being fibromyalgic is not an unspeakable sin, it is not even a crime, so we do not have to be in our homes so the world does not think we are pimps or caresses that we can leave but we can not work. Being fibromyalgic is a condition that the world, thanks to the publicity that we are going to give, will understand sooner or later. And hey if you will understand !!!

Today is the day after my big television date and although I had told the fibro partners help and support that I was not going to write about it, I am going to do it, because I have no doubt that there are very bad minds and that they will seek Do me harm with this subject. Well, in order to hurt me I prefer to expose it to the real explanation that is only my husband or I can give.

When they contacted us from Canarian television we were asked if we wanted to go to the program to talk about fibromyalgia and we said yes. She, because a girl told us, we did a previous interview in which we warned that we were not going to go to say that “thanks to my husband I was wearing fibromyalgia better”; We made it clear that this was not the issue, that fibromyalgia was a very serious disease and that we needed to be heard and heard the project that had been born in Gran Canaria and that was growing with several legs in the rest of Spain, in Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Canada, specifically in Toronto. They eventually agreed and said they would try to take someone from the Net, but as I got from an afternoon to to to prepare, nobody could go. Paul, since the Network is for the sick, family and friends; He said he was with me.

The first phone interview was made to him. The next they did it to me and I told them what the illness was, what I had supposed in my life and what I had supposed in the life of my family. When I was asked what Paul had meant in this whole process, I reminded them that we had agreed that this was not the subject of the interview and that we spoke at length about the Network. I was surprised by something, I must confess – but as I believe in People and I think that honesty is still linked to them – I asked them if they wanted me to talk to someone from the Afigranca Association and they told me that it was not necessary, that they were better than my colleagues in the Gran Canaria group and Pablo.

In the end it was Pablo and me. I had a tremendous fear of facing the cameras, the public, the spotlights, the presenters, etc. So I told Pablo that if I got caught talking or if I started crying, he would cover me and keep talking He, that it was very important to speak the time that they gave us of the disease and to make us understand.

When we got in, I was told a lot to get in, in fact Pablo is seen pulling me to go on set. Then I looked at the audience, I sat down, took the cushion that was in the armchair and, suddenly, all the fear was gone and the insecurity was gone, I began to answer the questions I asked and even cut the interviewers and then I explained to them that I cut everyone off – I did not know how to count more, so I would not let them finish asking questions.

All was well until, suddenly, when they wanted to finish the interview, they went to what we had warned them not to do. Once there, I had no choice but to answer that yes, I was very lucky with Pablo, but normally not all fibromyalgia sufferers have relatives who believe and support them. When we left the set, my daughter Elba, who had also gone with us, told me that she had been put on a TV so that she could see him closer and that underneath our images she put something like “found her best medicine in her husband” . That, of course, we did not know, because we do not see it while they are interviewing us. When we left, we looked for the girl who called us on the phone and we called her attention to what had happened. Her response was that she did not know what was going to happen, that she was doing the interviews and that the presenters and producers were doing what they wanted.

I write it here to publish it and publish, if I can, the interview also because I do not want to start the criticisms like “fibromyalgia is not a subject for the yellow press”; “This way they do not take us seriously” etc; And as I know it is possible, because they already tried to do it within my own group, I prefer to be honest and put here ALL THAT WAS SPOKE PREVIOUSLY AND IN THE INTERVIEW.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.