April 2, 2017

Grupo de Bizkaia

Good afternoon:

Today is April 2, today is the saint of my daughter Elba. Normally I do not take into account the saints, but Elba is as special as she is, because she is a very special young lady. He came to this world being special and will not leave it otherwise than being that special person who can pass through the life of who knows it.

I have a fast weekend – with what can be exciting for a person with fibromyalgia. To the stress of Friday with the program of television, has been misunderstood with some people from the Net, family lunch, movie morning and little connection of social networks because the pain has not left me calm.

Yesterday and today it was almost impossible for me to get up. I got it, but Saturday at twelve and Sunday at eleven. My body does not give for more. My neck hurts and puts a lot of pressure on my head; The stress of not getting up in time to do the things I like to do before leaving puts me in tension and I go to the places very nervous and I start to fiddle with the fibroniebla because I stay absolutely stunned, out of place, stop listening, me It costs to speak, etc. To neck and head pain we join the back, the waist, the knees, ankles and all the wounds that have appeared in my feet. It does not look bearable, and it really is not; But you get used to it and do what we usually do, change face mask from face to face smiling, after going through the face of amazement when you realize that, before you can become aware of it, you have to rush out of your commitments. Already, I know that someone can think that if you are like this you can cancel the commitments, and it is, but also there comes a time when you get tired of always saying no and you want to have a little life; And on the other hand if the commitments are a lot of love and love do not leave them at ease, because to that would join the pain you feel for not being able to attend.

Yesterday lunch was with a cousin and aunt of Pablo living in Madrid. They came to spend a week here and they wanted to have a lunch for them and for the other aunt who was years old, so it was unthinkable that it was not safe for him to have to do it in a wheelchair and not have it. Today’s commitment was with my daughter Agnes; Girls ‘morning, who had been saying that when we were going to have another girls’ time. The girls went to the cinema – Pablo left us there and picked us up – we saw a movie that I would never have thought of when I was a child, but I was even moved to see it; Ballerina. If you are sensitive and you need to cry to download and go ahead go and see her. She is beautiful, she is cheerful, she shows that with tenacity and work you get things but without forgetting to live and have fun, she is tender and gives you the lesson of work to achieve your goals, the possibility of doing good even if you have been educated In evil, of unconditional love, of learning in a humble way and of coming to humility after living in pride. Worth. So I do not regret having gone to see her with the family benjamina for much pain that my body is enduring at that moment. And now I’m here, at home, writing this article and gathering strength to have the week-end networking with the girls from the help and support group this afternoon / evening; But all this happens bill.

Today we say goodbye to our line of Colombia Gilma, a person who has come to our heart in the short time he takes with us, but that we will continue to enjoy his company within the line of his country. It is the clear example that getting on with a group and taking it out takes a lot of time and effort and she, at the moment does not have it. He will always have the doors open in case he wants to return because he has shown great righteousness by being very sincere but trying to avoid conflicts, conflicts that were not in his hand that did not come to light, but he has managed to deal with everything as the great person What is it. Thank you very much Gilma, from my lines I thank you for your confidence, your time, your wisdom and your spirits. You will always have the doors open.

But this is not a sadness, because she has decided that her way now is another and only remains to respect and rejoice for her, because she knows how to distinguish between what is vital for her and what she can or can not give at any moment. So it’s a day of joy.

On Friday, Comrade Bego made her meeting with the girls from Bizcaia. I was so nervous she sent me a message to see what she was doing because some people had left the list of last minute attendees. I reminded him that we are a group of sick people and that this can happen, but what he had to do was go and enjoy everything and more with the people who went to the meeting. It seems that they had a great time, that there was much emotion, laughter and confidence. It was seen in the photos that hung on facebook how they were getting to know each other and learning how to join together like a pineapple. “What good vibes” -as my friend Erica says- that was seen in those photos. I’m glad for you Bego; Everything flows, if you have a good heart and a good disposition the meetings flow and are wonderful. I am glad that this part of the group is cohesive and that we can make more happy to another part of the world geography with this project that we have and we are excited.

Thank you for reading me, I send kisses and hugs asking you to share to help more people.

María Díaz