April 6, 2017

la vida es sueño

Good afternoon:

First of all ask, apologies because I have been decentered these days and I have not attended the blog as it should.

The next thing is to tell them that I am very sorry that some people are living for something that I may have had more responsibility than I can see. I have never wanted anyone to feel overwhelmed, persecuted or mistreated for being in a group where, I understand, we were supposed to give help and support. I hope that what happened does not imply any moment of additional pain to those who already live.

For me today is a sad day. My friends feel exhausted and I feel responsible for what they are living, so I encourage them to leave the project and continue their lives without so much stress and without as much stress as they are living now. What I had was a dream and, for whatever reason, many people bothered them. I just wanted to help and make people with fibromyalgia feel better; And what I have achieved has been that everyone is in the position of having to choose whether to be in one group or another. That is not healthy, the good thing is to be free to decide, and even, to be in all groups that want to feel free, welcomed and informed in them.

Today I feel sad and it’s time to stop feeling sad. I do not want any more insults, I do not want any more insults, I do not want any more pejorative qualifiers; I do not think I deserve them and I’m sure my friends do not deserve them. Fibromyalgia is already overwhelming enough with us; Fibromyalgia already robs us too much forces and leaves us too many fears to over have to be in a fight that we have not sought. We already have enough aches and pains to seek or bear more.

I’ve been thinking about how the people who have trusted us will feel. I hope, with all my heart that they are well; I will talk with my companions and we will see how we do but for the moment, the only thing I can convey, and I know it is the feeling of all of us who are in Fibro help and support, it is the hope that they continue to find comfort, information and affection in the Places. For my part I have learned, as Sigismund said, that “dreams are dreams”

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton.

María Díaz