April 8, 2017

john lenon


Be clear where my site is; Is close to mine, in my house and with my children to the four legs. The only thing is that I also like to write, despite who it weighs. It will write well, bad or regular, but what I write is part of what I feel, what I live and what I feel like telling.

We are exhausted, it has been a lot of work to relocate, to feel that we must do things well, that we must take into account that we are dealing with people like us, people suffering from fibromyalgia and that all we want is to get ahead, help and support us .

It is not easy to be in the eye of the hurricane, it is not; But there they have placed me without knowing why, without expecting anything from anyone and without offending anyone; Just for the simple fact of wanting to carry out a group of help, a group that, in the case of Gran Canaria, has been and is wonderful, because it has served, in this case women, to fight for help, for Support, listening and learning from each other. It is not an easy task, but they have done it wonderfully so it is a group that is practically alone. They have trusted each other and gone well; It seems they have all been trustworthy and have helped make the group work wonderfully, as I felt from the beginning.

Now everything is different, it must be that we do not finish learning our disease. Now everything is competition and discomfort from those who have wanted to be in a controlling and malicious way. It does not matter, we will continue with the understanding of those who want to follow and those who want to be.

This can only have a negative effect on our bruised bodies. We suffer a nagging disease that does not give us respite, we suffer a disease that destroys our bodies, our mind and our self-esteem and we have to be very attentive; Very careful not to fall into our serious commitment to take care of ourselves; To take care of ourselves because, although we have people who also take care of us, we have to take care of our own happiness, because that is really our responsibility. No one will know better than ourselves what will be good for us to be happy; no one.

I will leave a text, with permission of a friend and friend of the Gran Canaria Network, which defines very well – from my point of view – what should be the responsibility we owe:

During a marriage seminar, a woman was asked:
“Does your husband make you happy?” Does it really make you happy?
At that moment the husband raised his neck slightly as a sign of security, he knew that his wife would say yes, because she had never complained during their marriage.
However the wife responded with a resounding
‘No …… it does not make me happy’
And to the astonishment of the husband … continued:
-It does not make me happy ………. I am happy! …
Whether I am happy or not, that does not depend on him, but on me.
I am the only person on whom I depend, my happiness.
I determine to be happy in every situation and every moment of my life, because if my happiness depended on … some person, thing … or circumstance. … on the face of this earth,
I would be in serious trouble.
Everything that exists in this life changes continuously. … The human being, the riches, my body, the climate, the pleasures, etc. And so I could say an endless list.
Throughout my life, I have learned something;
I decide to be happy and the rest I call …. ‘experiences’:
to love,
to accept,
There are people who say:
– I can not be happy … because I’m sick, because I do not have money, because it’s very hot, because someone insulted me, because someone has stopped loving me, because someone did not value me …..
But … what you do not know is that …. YOU CAN BE HAPPY …….
Although … you are sick,
Although … it’s hot,
Although … do not have money,
Although … someone insulted you,
Although … someone did not love you,
Or has not valued you.
Life is like riding a bicycle … you fall, only if you stop pedaling.
Start your day, your week and this new month with a smile and do not let anything or anyone erase it from your face.

Thank you Terysa.

Thanks for reading me. I send kisses and hugs of cotton.

María Díaz.