April 09, 2017

Corazón de globos

Good afternoon:

Sunday before Easter. I am at home thinking, sharing time with the family, reading the messages of the companions that are on the other side of the Net, and what I feel and understand is that, from my point of view, there is no truce; This disease does not allow you to rest, you can go ahead with yourself and whole, enjoy your family days without having to suffer terrible consequences that have no end, do not warn you, you suffer and period. These are the same consequences that make you get away from all those around you, from all they say they love you, from everyone you love and from those you know. These are the consequences that make you put aside the life you had to find yourself and give yourself face to face with which fibromyalgia lets you have.

I heard my partner express that it was not life because it was not fair to her family and I think that is the feeling of all of us who have fibromyalgia. It made me cry to hear it; Made me cry because it is real that we feel it is not fair to them, nor to us, but that we have to assume that is what there is and that we have no other way out; But for your loved ones it is tremendous and not only because of your pains – which can appear in a fraction of a second – but also because of your sudden mood swings – so little understood by the society around you – and your inability to do things that Before you did or what you need to do as you take a shower or brush your hair. It is not easy to get the idea that you are going to have to live in a kind of urn and still not be able to sneeze sometimes because you will contract and you will not be able to pick up your daughter.

I find it very sad to hear how a person lives who you see strong in your daily life; A person who is always trying to give his best; A person who encourages you and who wants to seek solutions to problems, who is not afraid to do things and what he does is heart. Yes, I know that is the description of most of the people who have fibromyalgia, since it is said that it is a common denominator, but to feel it like this has been heartbreaking, I recognize that it arrived to me and I touched some fibers deep inside. It will be because everyone who has this, my sister, we are so aware of what this means, we empathize quickly with others, but I repeat, in this case I got deep inside.

When you create a help group you want to help, and you help with what you can and deliver what you want to deliver. You know you have to have a limit; You know that limit you have to negotiate with yourself and with everything around you; But above all you have to negotiate with fibromyalgia, which is the one that in the end, at a certain time, allows you or not to perform your work. We can help and we do. Many times we even do it while not bad, but regular. We help because we are born, because we know how bad is happening, because, within what fits, we are aware that we have to unite to listen and support us. We must help because we understand ourselves, because this disease is very difficult to understand for those who do not have it, because this disease is the mess of disaster for all the symptoms that exist and the doctors’ ignorance of it, because of this Illness we are learning new things every day and only because these things start to appear.

I know it’s hard and complicated, but I also know we must fight; That we must be brave and unite, that we should try to explain to our families how they can help us and how we can improve; Because we must make the doctors understand that it is real, that it exists, that it is not in our head but in our body; That we are not crazy and that when we are depressed it is due to the pain; That anxiety generates pain, waiting for the diagnosis, the appearance of new symptoms, the incredulity of those who care for us and those who value our situation to see if we can work or not. Family, doctors, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, is real, we do not invent anything and therefore we invite you to fight with us because tomorrow you can touch you, tomorrow you can touch your son or your brother; Tomorrow you can touch your boss or your friend. We are going to be responsible with the whole society and not to exclude the people that we can not give the size with all the exigencies that they create us. Let us fight because we are heard and understood. We fight

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.