April 11, 2017

corazón quimico

Good afternoon:

In the quiet of the room and seeing how the children are entertained with different games, I can stop u expressing myself as I like, writing. It is not easy to follow after so much pain, so much damage, so much misunderstanding, but not easy does not mean that it is not necessary. We must move forward, we must fight for ourselves, we must protect and protect ourselves, because we also protect those we want by protecting ourselves. It has been a day of pain, but above all of pain inside my being, pain of misunderstanding and the need to make decisions not to continue suffering. Distance and time heals everything, so we must learn to have patience and take perspective on things we do not understand and in which we can not intervene because we are protagonists of the same.

The day has passed between headache and the rest of the body, but I recognize that I’m very bad headache, because it leaves you do almost nothing, neither write comfortably and smoothly, nor watch TV, nor listen Music and in addition, all the sounds annoy you in an exacerbated way. You try to live the day, but it is not simple and you do not get it fully. I feel tired and I think that chronic fatigue is beginning to knock on the doors of my body insistently; I can not let her in but she’s still there, waiting for a simple misunderstanding of mine to enter and stay to live by my side. Why? I have not invited her! I do not want her by my side! I do not want it here! Why do you insist on staying with me if my sister accompanies me and never leaves me alone; I do not want him to stay, but I know he does not depend on me.

It does not matter, it will not win; I’m sure he’s going to exhaust me, but he’s not going to beat me. I will fight for you to understand that you will have your niche, you will have your standards and you will have your space but you will not have free will to walk my body whenever she understands that you want or should. Maybe this way we can reach an agreement and live in the same body and the same person.

On the other hand, today, in conversation with my colleague from Red Zilca who is in Florida and the Caribbean, we have remembered that we had a pending conversation with Mr. Morgan Freeman, so I got down to work and we wrote a message on one Of its many pages so that, if you read them, know that we are here and we are fighting to improve the lives of people who suffer from this disease. Going round your page I saw the one of Antonio Banderas, Spanish where there are and I decided to write to him. I told him who we were and what we were doing, I asked him to help us, that we needed to be seen, to know that our disease exists, that it is real, that it is true that it hurts us and all the symptoms that are linked to it are real And they are killing us in life. I do not know whether or not there will be an answer, but what I do know is that if we do not try it then there will be no answer.

Well, we hope to have a help that we continue to look for and hope to be able to help us to get ahead and investigate our disease to achieve a quality of life necessary for us, people who are suffering from the abandonment of specialists and a society that prefers To look elsewhere so as not to experience the discomfort of keeping us in mind.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.