April 12, 2017

Árbol con botones


I was not going to write again, I felt sad and exhausted, but suddenly I started reading the comments that many of the people who read the blog are leaving in the writings and then I said yes, it was worth another effort to Get the feel of some of the people who read the blog. Others that are on the Web, others that live near people who have fibromyalgia and others who, irretrievably, get bored with my writings.

This morning I spoke on the phone to a friend who felt bad for different reasons. After a while on the phone, he thanks me for the time I’ve given him and that’s when I realize that the one who has to thank me is me; I have to thank her for having trusted me to talk, to tell me a part of her life that is very important for her; I have to thank you for being so actively involved in the support and support group and for being present when we need it without objection; I am the one who has to thank him that with the time that has been living this disease, he is very capable of showing us how he lives it and how he does to minimize the symptoms; I have to thank him for his love, his time, his words, his help and his love. I have so much to thank.

Then I talk to some of the girls in the support and support network, and the same thing, they are fighting like champions, in spite of the illness we suffer, in spite of family problems, the time we spend on children, temps, Couples, etc; In spite of all that they are taking crutches and forces to carry on; To continue striving to raise awareness of this disease so that we can help those who suffer and who need help because it is familiar or friendly. We can not forget that in this equation the common denominator is the suffering and suffering of the same, it is the uncertainty, it is the discouragement and the return; Is the decay and rise of the roller coaster. This is our disease, which affects both patients and family and friends. The other day a partner told me that this was not fair for her family and I tell her that this is not fair to anyone, but above all it is not fair for people who are willing to fight and keep seeking help. It is not fair for our relatives but it is they who decide to stay or not to our side, so we can not bear the responsibility of the decision that they take.

None of this is fair, but we must know that we have to live with it and combine it with the familiar coexistence of our children who want to go to the park or our partners who want a different life, this is the one we have and that we can deliver, So we must be proud of what we give and deliver every day.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.