April 12, 2017

Buenos dias sonrie la vida es bella


Today, as on other occasions, I have had an impression that, by the day I have lived, has taken force; Today I have looked at myself and I have thought something that may seem crazy, but I have realized that when someone is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you should start the day by saying goodbye to yourself. Raised thus seems a defeatist attitude, but I think nothing to do with it.

When our body starts playing tricks on us, we start a journey through different doctors until they are diagnosed by one. In all that time, which is usually an average of four years, our body begins to change, our abilities diminish noticeably and capacities begin to feel depleted to the point, in some cases, when we stop feeling ourselves and we stop Do many of the things we did before without costing us. When we are diagnosed, we begin an intake of medications such that many times we are unable to recognize certain lack of reflexes, capacities, etc. All this, together with the cognitive and physical deterioration of the disease, cause us to begin to be a different person and therefore, that our families do not recognize us in many facets of our day to day.

So what’s the healthiest, clinging to who you were or saying goodbye and begin to love the new being you are? I am clear, saying goodbye to the previous self is better therapy than waiting to act like him and frustrate you because you do not get it. In our day to day life we can run tell the mirror good morning new me and tell the air goodbye me earlier. It is not a defeatist attitude but a solution to understand that the change in us is to say, our involution, is faster than in other people. Our physical decline comes before that of most of the living beings that accompany us, but that is neither good nor bad, it is simply different and depending on how we assume it will be our quality of life on an emotional level.

Loving ourselves must do it above all else, but understanding ourselves is what we should try. Making ourselves understood may be necessary or a total loss of strength because those who have at our side do not have the capacity to do so; So we must love ourselves, live and let live only those people who are really prepared or interested in doing so, without asking us for anything in return and without demanding us to leave them free so that they are able to make their decision in an absolutely responsible and conscious way.

All this we can do with people who are not linked to us with the connection that the children have. With them the story is different. They suffer to see you change so in our hand is the power to tell you what is going to happen but in a totally open and without much drama. Talk to them explaining that you are going to forget some words will reassure them much more than to see that you forget and not know why. Telling them that today you will not get out of bed because they hurt your eyelashes is much more reassuring than getting up without saying anything but that you see that you do not walk, but practically you drag. Children understand things perfectly if you explain them clearly and, as I said before, without drama. They will teach us the best way to face him and what we can do to affect them as little as possible; And ultimately, what we must be very clear is that we have not asked for this disease by kings, then we are not responsible for having it and we can not blame ourselves for it; What we can do is learn to live with it in the best possible way and asking for help for what we need.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.