April 14, 2017

Sólo el corazón puede ver bien; lo esencial es invisible a los ojos

Good afternoon:

The day after the farewell; The day after the birthday; The day after having felt out of place and with no strength to attend to everything I had to attend to my children my guests, that day is today.

I woke up late at twelve-thirty, and was absolutely sore. Last night I felt a pain so intense and so localized in my legs that it would not let me sleep. It seemed as if they were nailing knitting needles to my legs and, on the other hand, they burned me to unimaginable limits. I do not know what caused this incredible pain because I had not spent so much time standing up to attack my legs only. Well, as I said I woke up very late because I really needed to rest, so although I woke up throughout the night because of the pain, I got to rest. When I wake up I realize that the pain that invades my body is much greater than the one I normally have, so I have told my husband that today I am not worth much. I had realized that for several days I had not washed my hair and the truth is that today it has cost me to do so because of the pain I feel in my arms. Picking them up is a gymnastic exercise for which I’m not ready today, so I do it slowly and very carefully, but at last I have clean hair. It seems not, but it all helps you feel better.

I’m feeling good. I am calm, there are no noises at home, nobody comes to disturb the calm with the discussion that has decided to have with his brother or sister. I feel good despite my pains. It is cold or I feel it and with it my body hurts more, so that aside from going out with the dogs, preparing some of the food and washing and laying clothes, I am in the armchair where we have had lunch and where we are writing while listening to the Movie you are watching at home. At first, when I woke up, I felt bad for the time I was, but then I thought it was much better to rest and that these were holidays for everyone, including myself.

I have seen things that have placed the girls in the different groups of help and support, I have read the comments of the people who read my writings, I have seen how the group of Gran Canaria is helped via whatssap and how the partners of the Network also use That method to be in contact and to do one of the best things know how to make support to who needs it and to encourage to us all. It is wonderful to see how the people who are part of the group are always willing to strive for others and always want to help us. If one is wrong, we all make a net to prevent it from falling to the ground and help him overcome his discomfort with words of love and love. It is a good group that we have managed to create, I just hope we can continue to help in the Network as it is conceived. The pain continues and persists, but the mood today seems unshakable. I can not walk well but today I do not care how I would have minded at another time so I can follow from my lines enjoying you and the help I can provide.

Thank you for reading me, I send kisses and hugs asking you to share to help more people.

María Díaz.