April 15, 2017

Niños jugando

Good afternoon:

Sometimes scares do not let us advance, but as always we stay with the positive, I am left with the relief that it has been nothing serious. True, it has not been anything serious, but it always makes a dent in our body and, considering that I was coming out of an upset by the stress that caused me the beginning of the week, now I’m still sore, more than I should already feel, But we can not have everything, so we assume and we continue with the unbreakable good humor that brings me the tranquility of being able to have the time that I need to rest and the possibility that I am having to communicate with my husband without interruptions and in a calm tone and lovely.

Today Saturday, after the visit to the hospital, I find myself in the chair lying down, sore and somewhat nervous but okay. The days go by and Easter is over, so you have to start thinking about the return to reality but still enjoy this, which, on the other hand, is also a reality. I am here writing to reach people who read me, those who are concerned with knowing how we are going, those who want to approach the reality of other people with fibromyalgia simply by feeling accompanied or to know that what happens to them It is real, it is true, they are not crazy, they are not inventing anything, that everything is true, that fibromyalgia is real, that it has many different symptoms and from one patient to another and in the same patients; But how difficult it is to recognize them all in oneself or in our friends in sickness.

Today the day is gray, although in the south of Gran Canaria that is not normal. The wind blows like almost all Easter and yet the children continue to play outside, in the common areas of the bungalows, without feeling the air blowing, they only care about eating and playing, as it should be at those ages. Sometimes I look at them without them seeing me and I wish I could feel that way. Not having so many worries and not thinking about the future as something uncertain and gray. They simply care about what really matters, what keeps us alive, food and drink, and what life really is: living. How fortunate they are and what capacity we adults have to break those schemes and make them “serious” people and teach them a new wrong meaning of life. The same, if we let them evolve in their own way, if we let them grow without so much norm, without so much embedding, letting them walk to where they want without continuously putting brakes on them, maybe then life would be different, life would be life and not a corset Submit continuously telling us where, how and when.

Well, after returning home I will try to put my things up to date; I’m going to try to make my life go to the place I should go, not to the corset I was subjected to. I must look with great enthusiasm and caution towards where I want to lead, because I do not want my life to be what it has been until now; My life must be the one I choose and that is what will make me happy. I’ll start by watching the little ones in the house, listen to them, and then, everything will be simpler. I will look for some activity that fibromyalgia lets me perform, one in which I feel fulfilled and that I can do with passion. I will start by trying myself, by encouraging me to get what I want and by sharing the best I have with those who love me, respect me and share my worst moments. They are the ones who deserve the best of me, in addition to myself.

Well, my feelings at the moment are more than found between them, so I think I do not clarify much what I want, but, if I’m not mistaken, this is another of the gifts that fibromyalgia leaves us, so I assume As such and I go on.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.