April 16, 2017



Well, Easter is already gone. I hope you have enjoyed each one as you like to do it. Well, Easter is over and I realize that time passes inexorably, that life walks towards the place to which it wants to go and that we, simple protagonists of this endless series, we are approaching the moment of the taking of New decisions that make us continue to live in depends on what circumstances. Life continues and we with it, in a sea of uncertainty, in a sea of confusion, in a sea that enters the blackness of the fight without quarter that we fight the patients of fibromyalgia. A fight that many do not remember the beginning but we will not know the end; A fight in the open, melee with and against ourselves; Definitely a struggle ….

Today I feel that part of me wants to be close to each of the people who are struggling to get ahead the Help and Support Network; I would love to be very close to them, but above all I would love to be very close to one of the most serious and unshakable people that I think I know, is a tireless worker who this week has lived the farewell of a brother with four legs. It’s that kind of brother who, when you do not feel it seems annoying, but when it reaches your heart is part of your life until the end of either. For her my congratulations go; And read well, congratulations, because I believe that when someone comes to love a four-legged brother so much, he is someone worthy of being congratulated for his great love for his neighbor. Towards her my love, because I think it is one of the best things that can be given to someone; To her my respect goes because she has earned it; And to her is my sincere expression of admiration for continuing to fight for others and for making people feel good in their group living the staff who was living during this weekend.

The return to reality becomes different. On the one hand I have to make decisions regarding my life; Decisions of a medical nature and which may have much impact in the near future; And on the other we have to make decisions regarding the family in order to understand adolescents better, but that they also understand us better. I’m going to catch it without delay but without strain.

Another thing I want to do is go back to my yoga classes, I left them for an outbreak and because of the poor ability I had to get back into the routine that makes me feel better. It’s time to deal with fibromyalgia with exercise and with a little more intelligence to avoid the harsh scourges I get when I do not hear my body. I think that starting a routine of schedules and activities will help me feel better, so for that !!!!

Since the beginning of the Network, it is the time that I spent more time without communicating with the girls. I miss them; I miss them because, although we have spoken, it has been a short time, because they give me life, because the only thing I have for them are words of thanks and admiration.

One of the worst things I carry from my sister is the fibronie, but I must admit that for a few weeks now I have begun to notice some pains in the knees, ankles and hips that increase in intensity; My body burns from the waist down – and not badly thought – and it is an inexplicable ardor, an ardor that starts from the bones to the dermis burning muscles and tendons in its path. My hands are still inflamed and the fingers have difficulty being able to bend, I am very cold and I am beginning to lose the dream, something that had not left me until now except in rare occasions. With all this I pass through periods of a tremendous sadness that can be seen treading on the joy of the next five minutes, and the fatigue has taken possession of my being; I can not think of what I can do, where to go for a walk, what plan will be good, and so on. Even thinking about making food exhausts me, and I assure you that I am not exaggerating. It is such a tiredness that I would spend all day sleeping or lying down, and I know it is not what is good for me, so I decided to start the activities as I told them.

Well, with all this now I feel calm and well, since I have discharged in a comforting cry. I would love everything to be solved like this, I feel bad, I cry and then I feel good, but that is not life, right?

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.