April 17, 2017


Good afternoon:

The truth is that despite the vicissitudes of life, today I feel very lucky; And I say today because we all know what this disease means: now you are well and in ten minutes you find yourself in a huge black hole.

I’m still in the south, because the children’s school picks up Monday after Easter, so Ines – who is with us – did not have to attend the center today. Today is fine weather, the wind ceased and it is hot, which finally allowed me to wear a bikini. When the wind ceased, so did the earth that was in the air every day. You can not imagine what it looks like in paradise now; There is almost nobody, only foreigners; Ines enjoys swimming in the pool and jumping nonstop and I watch her from the terrace as I write this post. It’s great to get some relaxation.

Although I got up very nervous, with a lot of pain and with inflamed hands and fingers, I have managed to calm down as time passes and outdoors because during all of Easter I did not leave the bungalow. In the sky there is not a single cloud and the palm trees give to this environment a certain air of oasis in the silence of the own time of the year. The pain has not passed, but with this sun and it seems that you live it another way; What a pity that we do not remember that when we are in the middle of the outbreak. It’s amazing, my daughter calls me from the pool to send me kisses, you can not ask for more; When I realize that I have it all …..

Yes, it is true, I also have fibromyalgia and fatigue is becoming chronic fatigue, but that can not be the end of life; It can not be. Life is more than feeling sick and not wanting to look at the positive things we have and what we can give. We are what we project and I – except in a few moments for the need to be honest – I want to project love, good vibrations – or vibes as my dear Erica says – I want to project encouragement, serenity and everything positive that I can have inside me. It is true, I have spent a holy week wrapped in pain, discouragement, fear and much fatigue, but it is, already passed and now there is pain and inflammation, but also many desire to take the world with my hands and be able to give it to The people to make them feel better. That’s what moves me and that’s what I’m going to fight for.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.