April 18, 2017

felicidad contagiosa

Good afternoon:

Again sunny day in Gran Canaria. Here I find myself trying to write after getting up a little late, but it is that yesterday I stayed doing little things until dawn. I continue very animated although very sore, I am appearing pains where I had not appeared before, in the thighs, etc. I think the thing continues to progress irreparably; My forearms had never hurt, and now I notice how they burn and how they ache or touch. Punctures appear in the legs that previously appeared only when he made some extra effort. Nothing happens; Wants to continue entering my body and staying in it. Well, that, to adapt and coexist with it, as I have no other choice, I will take it as it comes.

All this has not been able to dwarf the good mood that I have decided to adopt since yesterday. All this is not going to be able to spoil my plans for personal growth, family and my plans to return to being a cheerful person and given to help and motivate. All this will only teach me that I must do things with another level of demand and another pace. I do not know what will last this state of mind, but I will take advantage of the time that lasts.

In another order of things I inform with great joy that the group of Help and Support of Gran Canaria is to remain to spend an afternoon meeting tomorrow. Let’s hope this time it goes well and we do not have to suspend it. We continue to help each day on whatssap. The girls are very dedicated to the task of caring for and pampering the companions because they clearly understand what happens to us. We make a fantastic pineapple and I am very, very grateful to be and to stay in my life and in the group that has been created. They are all fantastic and want to learn at all times how to help those who do not just have fibromyalgia. In the group there are several partners with multiple chemical sensitivity and today have been informing of the protocol that we must carry out so that, when they feel better, they can attend one of our meetings. It is very interesting to learn all these things to continue helping and supporting more and more and better, accompanying and being present in the life of each one struggling for the rest of the world to understand us and empathize with us.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.