April 19, 2017


Good Morning:

Here we are another day, surrounded by my four-legged children and trying to rest these pains that do not leave me alone. It is true that they do not cease in me, but hey, what is going to be done, if that’s how you want to stay in my body, all I can do is wait for his anger to go away or for medicine to go forward on this subject. So what I have left, as I said, is to wait for what I set up again my armchair and I will spend the necessary time in it to gather strength because I will not let the pain win. Therefore, I will sleep more, I will rest more and I will live with more spirit the time that I am well.

On the other hand I still very excited. I enjoy the tranquility of my house at certain hours and after the arrival of the human tide. I can not complain, I have everything, jijiji. The hours pass and I no longer overwhelm myself for what I can not do, but I am glad to make the decision to leave it and do it when I can; Which is what we should do before we fall ill, but like everything else, bad is what teaches us to walk more calmly. I am encouraging myself with the little things that are happening to me every day and with the events that I am going to carry out and today is the stay with the girls of the group of Gran Canaria. Whenever I have stayed with them I have had a very pleasant time, so I look forward to it with great enthusiasm.

In the Help and Support group we are in a moment of total tranquility because we respect each other and we know where each one is; And also because no one wants or has, rather, more aspirations than we already know – to help and support people with fibromyalgia and their families and friends. Those of us who have never had any kind of secret aspiration or want to excel above the others; We are all equal and so we want to remain, in our small / great daily work of trying to brighten up the day to those who need it.

Another of our functions is to report everything we can, that’s why in our Facebook groups we always put articles that we find in other pages or other groups, by and for all – I think it’s a good motto. We are aware that there are people who do not like us to share their things even by citing the source from which the article comes out, for example; From here I apologize and I will continue quietly sharing of groups that have no qualms about doing so. Life is nothing more than sharing; I was taught as a child, but I think this disease should teach us even more and better.

May 12 is approaching; As we know is the world day of fibromyalgia and yesterday, the association Afigranca, called me, as each associate, to see if I could participate with them that day. How could he not participate? If they are helping us all; If they inform us of what we can do and how; If at least I, without them I would be very uninformed and disoriented. The only thing I can do is thank you for the fight you are carrying out by everyone and collaborate on everything you need. I return to the same thing as before: is it that the disease has not taught us anything? I am more positive and sure than I am; Surely it has taught us a lot about the people we want to learn. We must be there to serve others and ourselves.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to reach other people.

María Díaz.