April 20, 2017

Las chicas quedada de Primavera

Good afternoon:

Day of much pain, but less than yesterday; I think we are progressing in the conversations my sister and I and begin to understand that it should not be so violent many days in a row. As I said, a day of much pain but also of many emotions and much crying – it is incredible how sensitive I am. I tell you.

Yesterday was the stay of the companions of the group of Help and Support of Gran Canaria. But when I arrived at the place of the same, I met with colleagues who had not seen for a long time. I moved so many things inside that I could not but cry at a certain time. I felt sorry for them, because they even bothered my crying although it was pure emotion and mixed feelings. I spent some time talking to them and they told me new things about the center; On the one hand it bothered me to know them, but on the other I felt an immense joy of knowing of companions, friends, acquaintances, even enemies. Well, because I was so happy for a friend who has promoted today I sent a whatssap to congratulate her and after a while, she called me. At first I had a hard time restraining the tears, but then, as we had to cut – which I thanked to be able to unload – and called me a little later, the immense joy of knowing that I was doing things as she understood them to be And the joy of knowing of many companions filled a long time of amiable and relaxed conversation.

After seeing the coworkers yesterday, I went to where we had stayed with my girls. I met Marga and Manuela; I met again with Francisca who never misses; I returned to see Lucy – always so lively and this time accompanied by her friend Tere – the daughter of Francisca who has the same name, Paqui, Pepi, Rosi, Mabel with his inseparable friend Rosalía, Isa; Missing Nely, Monica, Terysa, Laura …. for personal issues, but we already want to repeat to get to know those who are missing. It was a very relaxed and pleasant afternoon, where the common factor is fibromyalgia but it was the least that was spoken. There were many laughs, confidences, good, encouragement and words of mutual appreciation for being part of this wonderful group. Some are already thinking about making cohabitation in apartments in the south; They are the milk !!! I love them, really, they are so but so vital. Doctors and psychologists asked me if I thought it would be a good idea to create fibromyalgia groups or write about it, and before that I was sure and my answer was positive, but now I am absolutely convinced that it is the best thing that we have done for us, fibromyalgia sufferers Understand, respect and encourage each day.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.