April 21, 2017

Be happy

Good Morning:

Cloudy day in Gran Canaria. It’s this kind of day that does not let you be totally right; Is this type of day that looking at the terrace saddens you for the lack of light that makes everything shine and that the colors make your day a relentless rainbow polychromatic. Today is one of those days when things do not flow naturally; Today you have to give a little push to the ideas so that they leave after ordering in your brain; Today is one of those days….

Today I have much pain and much fatigue; More than other days of this week, which makes me stand still and slow in thinking. Today, although I slept more hours than other nights, tiredness overcomes me every step I give, so I prefer to lie on the couch and not do much at home; Today my hands are heavy and my swollen fingers move awkwardly on the computer keyboard; Today the legs, tired to be in any position, appear inflamed and do not pay much attention to me, so it is not very convenient to stand for a long time or to go up and down the stairs. My neck rings with every movement and threatens to give me a “whiplash” at any moment, so I will not give it that taste and I will stretch it and keep it warm so it will forget to treat me that way, since I I take great care. Today is one of those days…

Despite being physically impaired and very tired, I continued to be cheerful and happy. I have many things to be happy and thank you, but not with the assiduity that should. When I wake up, I’m trying to thank you for opening my eyes one more day, even if I’m sleepy. At that very moment I begin to feel the affection of those around me: my husband struggling to open his eyes, my daughters to go to school or my dogs giving me lengüetazos and remembering that it has dawned and that they want to go to the bathroom and To play for a while. I look back and see everything we have achieved despite the vicissitudes that we have been encountering, but I see that we have not thrown the towel and that we continue fighting for what we like and what makes us really happy: to help.

Today I found in Facebook another warning of how the hakers – I do not know if it is written like this – try to hurt you for the simple fact of damaging you; It seems that in this of the aids to people with fibromyalgia many interests move. We touched on the subject of pornographic videos, to see if we can get rid of this. I put the publication here to take into account:

You have to go carefully though they do want to punch you, they end up getting it …
It’s sad that this is happening!
Maybe we’ll have to end up abandoning Facebook. Besides the porn video, there is a new hacker on facebook. It leaves between the comments of your contacts with offensive phrases of your part. It’s really unpleasant and it seems to have come out of your profile. You do not see it, but your friends do. This can create offenses and misunderstandings. I want to tell all my contacts, that if you get something offensive does not come from me. Thank you. Copy and paste (do not share).

In spite of all this, I am happy, content, happy and very eager to continue to help those who need it, because for that we have come to this world, to give ourselves to others and to make life as simple as possible to those around us ourselves.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.