April 22, 2017


Meanwhile movement I have not had time to be with you until now, the truth is that I wanted, but I could not. It has been a day of pain and inflammation, but with a good mood and joy. My whole body hurts, and something that has not happened for some time, but it takes a few weeks to pass, my head and jaw hurt a lot. The pain was calmed with the discharge plate but now it hurts again; I do not know if it will be because of the amount of land in the environment or because I’m getting older, jijiji.

Today I asked a classmate that if it was normal for our hands to block us and that our fingers would remain locked. My experience is that yes, it suddenly starts to jerk me and my little finger starts to come down and I have to replace it with the other hand. This occurs to me quite frequently, as does the loss of strength in the hands, which makes opening a can become a great odyssey; I began to be more practical, I requested that they open them to me.

Yesterday I spent all afternoon shopping with Elba. Today I had a birthday and with the excuse of going to buy the gift we went walking to the mall and spent the afternoon together. It’s amazing how she has grown, how she has matured and how she has stopped being a child in a moment. Now we enjoy it together differently; We have more complicity and, as we share a lot of tastes and a similar humor, we enjoy the company moments that we have. Last night I was surprised with an ice cream and this morning I brought breakfast to bed; Is absolutely spectacular in all its charm and its implication in the things that seem interesting to him.

Today there has been a sunny day, without much to tell because we have been doing housework and family lunch. In a while we’ll all get together to watch a movie; family tradition; And we will dine something that everyone likes: chuches, so I have to adjust my site so I do not lose it, because my family is capable of everything ….

Thanks for reading me; I send them kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share in order to help more people.

María Díaz.