April 25, 2017

Las tres mosqueteras

Good Morning:

Here we are one more day to express in writing, which is what I like to do, to reach you from the letters of my ordained.

Today is another day, a sunny day and a day in which we keep fighting to get ahead; Just like the rest of the world. Today is a perfect day to encourage us and keep walking; Today can be a great day, I have no doubt, so let’s live it and make it even better than it can be. If we start it and continue it with a big smile, things will go better and attract positive things; So to smile !!!!

Today I went to look for some medical results and the doctor asked me if I had any illness, when I answered that he had fibromyalgia, his answer was to remove his hands from the keyboard, look at me and tell me if anything else. Very well, for him fibromyalgia should not be a disease or should not be important to write it in the report; But I continue with my big smile; why? Because if this doctor also takes away my smile, I take it all away and I’m not willing to stop having a wonderful day for a copy of those characteristics.

In another order of things, whatsap group of Gran Canaria is growing, we are 21 people who belong to it and, between coffee and coffee, we do not help much by encouraging each day, accompanying us and, above all, laughing, which is the Best therapy out there. I am excited because as I have been getting to know the people who belong to this group, they have commented the same, and it is the family that has been created and the amount of help that we give through the telephone. You do not always have to be physically; Sometimes with real attention aids and supports more than appearing on sites. We have all embraced, comforted, listened, and we all know that we are a little musketeers: one for all ……

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.