April 26, 2017


Good Morning:

Good thing, we enjoy a team in Help and Support fantastic and great. On Monday they started from Fibrobizkaia (Bego) and Fibroaragón (Silvia) with a theme of jokes enlivening a good time the night; Yesterday they came up with a karaoke, to which we point Fibrovalencia (Angels) and Fibrogran Canaria (myself); Fibroargentina (Erica) and Fibroflorida-Caribe (Zilca) could not due to scheduling issues. It was a lot of fun and the participation was extended to several comrades who are within the mentioned groups. Wit helps a lot to fun; What will it be today

I wake up sore, sorry, very sore; My hands are still swollen and my feet are too. Today I noticed that my knees were playing bad because they also seemed inflamed, but I do not know if it was my appreciation or that they really were. My head has been hurting for some time and it is not able to focus like a couple of months ago. Fibromyalgia is getting on my body, but I believe – and I say only I believe – that I am getting better and better, I am increasingly aware that limits exist, but that the mind puts more limits than really We put the disease itself (which are not few), so I do not resist, I let myself invade arriving at a daily agreement with my sister and explaining to us how we can get each day. With that we managed not to take surprises every day and know where we are each. One thing that I have to consult with the doctor is that every time I walk or do something with a little haste it is difficult for me to breathe and take a breath; I do not know if it will have to do with the same or not.

Well, for today I’m saying goodbye, but reminding them to tune in tonight with the Help and Support groups to see what game is happening to the team’s fun heads today.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.