April 27, 2014

sin miedo

Good afternoon:

Follow the topic by hanging. Now, I do not know who or why, apparently they are denouncing my writings or posts on facebook claiming copyright. I do not understand anything; Every time I have taken some article from someone to analyze it from my point of view, I mentioned where it is taken, who writes it and when it is published, so I do not plagiarize anything, I make it clear that this writing – Quote- is not mine. I understand that someone is bothering my publications and my writings. I am sorry if at any time I stop publishing, but it will be because I have been forced to not be able to share it on facebook like so far. At that moment, and whenever you feel like it and want, you can read me in this blog. All they have to do is put in the search bar conviviendoconlafibromialgia.com and they will be able to read what I write or what I find in the network and may be of interest.
Today has been a difficult day. I got up quite discouraged, with very inflamed hands and feet too. The pain has taken over me like the other days, but it has been increasing as the morning has passed. I did not stay at home today; I had the doctor’s appointment and I had to go down to the center of Las Palmas. Very decided I was going to go by taxi and instead of calling him to pick me up at home I thought it would be a good idea to walk until I found one, but it was not like that, when the first taxi passed I was already exhausted and starting to think that I Fell from the vertigo that he felt. Unbelievable, I had only walked half a block. When I got into the taxi I started thinking about other things so I would not start crying because of the desperation I felt and I got it.

Well, after calming me I met Pablo and we were able to go and present the papers to ask for the disability that corresponds to me. When I introduced the girl who attended us told me that it usually took a year to call me to assess me – unbelievable – and when I entered the doctor’s office told me that even took two years. Well, thank goodness I presented it now (irony)

Otherwise, I am more animated and the sun has made arrangements in me, since it makes me see things differently and with another color, so that, seeing everything more clearly, my mood improves and my mood is restored. I hope to continue like this, because it is the best way to carry all this that happens to us, this is our disease from day to day; Is our companion of fatigues.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.