May 1, 2017

Tolerancia = paz

Good afternoon:

True, people talk without knowing what or why, but they talk. Many times they are absolutely unconscious, but they continue to talk no matter what harm they may cause or know they are causing. People talk and enter a critical loop, judge, and all this without being able to see the beam in the eye itself; But yes, people talk.

Yesterday I put a wonderful video that my companion Lucy sent me, and one of the comments was that people did not understand our problem. It’s true, people do not understand our problem but they talk. People talk and we have to make a shield that makes the harmful and malicious comments rebound and do not reach us to this immense heart that characterizes us; But at the same time we have to learn not to judge, we should not judge anyone and so, set an example and not fall into the same error as the people who speak.

I think it is a profound reflection that we must do in an absolutely conscious way to try to get this world to stop talking without knowing, that this world stop judging and criticize for the simple fact of doing so. I think we should appeal to our kindness and tolerance so that, among all, coexistence is better and more comfortable.

People talk and many times, as we have said, without knowledge of the cause; Let’s not be the same, stop talking about judging, questioning and be much more tolerant for our children to learn and educate in tolerance and empathy. People talk, let them stop and stop judging; For the World Fibromyalgia Day, I ask for recognition of the disease, study so that we can help, give visibility to the disease and tolerance for the sick and the sick to the rest of the world too, because we must understand that it should not be easy to understand ourselves To us, fibromyalgia patients, we must take into account that we are the first that we do not understand, so we must all practice tolerance and empathy.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.