May 03, 2017


Good Morning:

The sun appears again on the terrace and with it all the illusions that my mind poses to me, which are not few. I hope to be able to fulfill today the agreements with my body and my head, that try to go to the same compass and that little by little they are learning the steps of the dance that they have to do together.

Yesterday the centipede began to knock on the door of my back, I understand that I missed already, and today has settled there to keep me company. I only put a sleeping bag on him so he does not get very comfortable and wants to stay for a long time, but it will depend on him and his perseverance. My hands are still swollen and my body hurts every cubic centimeter. The ankles can not get in shape and the knees look like glass and give the impression that they will break with every step I take. It is tremendous how we can endure all this that we have, but we endure it and we continue forward because, although sometimes we can not see it, life is beautiful and finding people on the road who understand us and join us makes it worth living . This part is dedicated to Monica, a fellow Gran Canaria who always has good words for others, but not many for herself. Do you know Monica? He loves you for what you give, for what you bring, for the strength you have and have; In short, you are loved.

I have a busy day, today I have to go to the association (Afigranca) to square in which information table I will put on the 12th to talk to people and inform them of our illness; So we will make it known and start to be present in some heads that do not know. I’m excited to be able to help even if it’s just that way, but being present is important to me.

I bought a tree; A lemon I have read that gardening is good for calming anxieties and giving life is good for everyone, so have joined the lemon, the basil, the orchid and the palm tree, which I have to recover because it is a bit pocha. So this afternoon I have to go and buy the lemon tree a much larger pot and soil to transplant it and grow better and healthier.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.