May 05, 2017

Empezar a ver no es cuando abres os ojos....Good afternoon:

I just read a publication, which my colleague Silvia Abellán found, about the problems of a mother who lives with chronic pain to educate and live with her children and her family. Actually this is a kind of reflection that I do and that I have been raising for some time. I did not exclude the parents from this reflection, except that the article was about a mother.

In real life we ​​know how complicated it is to be parents carrying out the demands of work, home, social life, studies, etc .; In short, that everything is greatly complicated. If you add to this a chronic illness – which brings with it the uncertainty of what generates it, how it will evolve, the incomprehension of society and our doctors, the lack of credibility that also give us the previous – Everything is absolutely chaotic for us the sick and for our families.

This has led me to live and to think on several occasions that our quality of life decreases by leaps and bounds, and that if we can not accept a disability now, we have to wait until we reach the agreed age – when Touch me will have raised it to 100 years – or resign from our jobs, our quality of life will be zero. We will live to work and when we get home we will rest to work the next day – equally exhausted -, leaving our children alone all day so we will not know what will become of them.

The other option is to resign, so we can not pay our homes, food, schools and then the state will take our children because we can not keep them and bring them forward with minimum living conditions.

Very well, that’s how I see it raw and I think it’s crude, so we must make ourselves heard, we must fight because our rights are recognized as suffering from an absolutely destructive disease in all areas and that what is going to get is A greater expense for governments – since I understand that this is what we are dealing with and that is why we do not recognize the disabilities – because they will have to feed our children in shelters, or in juvenile centers because they have become marginal and That they could not count on the care of a mother or father when they needed it.

I know it’s hard to read and hard to assume, but I see companions who lose their homes, who do not have to eat, who suffer the abandonment of their partners, who can not get up to work and get ahead and get their children forward. IS THIS WHAT WE WANT!!! If we do not fight for ourselves and our children, no one will.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.