May 11, 2017

Puntos dolorosos

Good Morning:

We keep trying to get ahead in this to help and support. We are very clear that we are not health professionals or anything like that, so we only try to accompany the people who need us in many ways: by whatssap, taking us a cut, talking, on the phone, etc. That is our way; I will not be the best, but it is the one we have and some people help them.

Tomorrow is World Fibromyalgia Day and her sisters are called “invisible diseases.” They may be diseases that do not come out in the tests that are done to us, but the people who suffer from them do not have anything invisible; indeed, we are always in a tremendous struggle against our body in order to get up and get ahead in life, Because that’s what we do, get ahead in life.

Yesterday I went to a reunion of the school of my children and I took the pleasant surprise that two mothers read the blog. They both told me that it seemed a tremendous help to people who suffer from this type of illness; That they tell you is something that reminds you so you have created this, to help and support. Thanks to those two mothers for telling me, thank you because sometimes I forget that this helps and I demoralize myself thinking why I expose both my life and my intimacy talking about my feelings, my pain and my life in general.

It is a pity and it saddens me that communication is so complicated in some cases and that some people feel that I have damaged them for some reason. I never meant it, but I will not let it be damaged or hurt anyone for free-of course I mean someone I see. It is very difficult to approach positions when we can not see the people we are going to, but this is life, with its good and bad moments and with all that it supposes. That affects us more, well yes, it is.

Tomorrow is the big day, the day where we must make ourselves heard, each in his own way but trying to reach the greatest number of people. Tomorrow sick or healthy, we must make room in our day to support those who suffer from these diseases and this social abandonment; Tomorrow we must prove to the world that we are, that we exist, that we suffer and that we deserve to be treated better in order to continue fighting with our disease and to give the world the best we have in each case. We need help; We need hands and voices to claim our rights as sick, as citizens and as individuals. TOMORROW IS THE DAY