May 14, 2017

por una vida llena de sonrisas

Good afternoon:
Afternoon of a sunny Sunday in Gran Canaria. The day has passed calmly. I have been at home making life relaxed, with personal care included and translated into a relaxing and refreshing shower, spa based on body creams and various care. Another of the pampering that I have given has been at the food level. Breakfast with gluten free cereals, vegetables with tofu at lunch and change of coffee for tea, I read that coffee is transgenic and quite harmful to our health.
Well, I started in the afternoon and it’s already dark, but I’ll keep writing.
The body has hurt me less than in previous days; My knees, my ankles, my neck, but less, and my hands and their swelling, but this has not made me feel badly. After resting a lot yesterday and having got up today without sleep, I think that the day I set it quite well, although there are always discomforts and pains reminding me that I should not do excesses.
I think we have all spent an important week and a lot of emotional load, but we are champions, we moved forward, we lived and we could do the things we had planned with more or less illusion, but aware of the need for many of them. In short what is life but that, a succession of events that we must manage as we can so that we can get ahead in this society that looks a lot at the navel and looks little for the one next to it unless it is to criticize it .
Fibromyalgics know a lot about that, right? Of the criticisms that are made of us, of the mistrust in us; That shadow that hangs over our people to, with the approval of many, question whether we feel good or bad, whether we do something right or wrong, if it hurts more or less or if the pain is true or invented.
Well, I take another path, although many do not believe it is so. I take the path of passing of the comments, of the people that they want to be annoying, the hackers, the people who want to harm. I leave all these people aside, I prefer to dedicate myself to what brought me to this blog, to help and support. What do you want to play on our team? What do you want to play on another team? That you want to be our rival? I regret it, WE DO NOT RIVALIZE WITH ANYONE – for more than they want to convince the people to the contrary, we are not enemies of nobody, we came to this project to help, to support and to give love, that is what We need people with fibromyalgia; The rest is outside of what we, as a team and as a group, want to do. We will not waste more time in looking, seeing, convincing who does not want to be, etc., our time will be oriented to what we want to do, what we fill and what has made us unite in this project.
Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.
María Díaz