May 17, 2017

Vida, siempre ella


A good day today. Painful, inflamed, with medical appointment, change of medication, in a hurry, things to solve, the Help and Support group, the dwarf, the food, my four-legged children, the house …. True, a lot of work and Many setbacks, but something priceless, TRANQUILIDAD.

Today life has reminded us again how important some people are to us, the important thing that, despite the distance, can be a word of encouragement or a “I love you”; Has taught us again that we should be for those who are and for whom they want us to be; That we must be for the important, the essential: THE PEOPLE; But not for anyone, but for the people who add to us, those who do not consume our energies with trivialities and banalities, with lies or bad arts; We must be for the people who join us and those who appreciate that you are present and the help you lend – and I say appreciate, nothing more; Being for which you can speak without curses, without idolatry, with confidence; In short for those who want to live, they understand that life is the most important thing and they want to leave behind the bad scrolls.

Today life has reminded us that what is important is to live, but not live anyway, because yes, we are sick, we are chronic patients with so much pain, we are misunderstood, but one thing we must be clear, WE ARE NOT DEAD IN LIFE. I know it is not easy, but it is very necessary, so we must lift the spirit and go live, because the only thing that is clear is that someday we will really die, and that day we have to arrive with the backpack full of positive experiences And negative, but above all, life experiences.

This is my way of saying that “you have me for what you need”. I love you.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to reach more people.

María Díaz.