May 19, 2017

bandera pirata


A thought comes to my head right now: Live !!!

It is a feeling, it is an illusion, a mandate, a need, a luxury, a bitterness, a happiness, a sadness; It is the dawn to get nourished at sunset, it is the right they have given us, the privilege and a responsibility; Is the best, the worst, the good, the not so good, the bad, the only flag, is a whole.

Yes, we are sick, we have bad days and worse days, but we also have illusions, moments of happiness, we have families, friends, neighbors; We are chronically ill and in pain, take now !!! It is true, it is a bitch, but it is real and as such we must assume it but we should not let it be done 100% with our life, our hope, our desire to do or our lack of desire. The reins we must take, even if we see no way out, we must calm down and look, because there is always something we can do even if this pain is so fucking. We pirate to fibromyalgia what it intends to pirate us.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help other people.

María Díaz.