May 22, 2017

La importancia del repeto entre compañeros

Good afternoon:

Happy, I am more than happy to find myself on this road with the people I have met, both for good and for bad. For evil because I learn, it teaches me and I believe it teaches us, although I believe that history is already obsessive by those who can not rest from their lies and cybernetic harassment. Fifty people in our groups who have been mistreated? Fifty are the notifications that I find on my page with the publication in concrete and discrediting my writings and my words by a person who has left for more than a month but the obsession does not let her rest.

For good because I have found people on the road who tell me that I help them, that my words reach the soul, that my words help them to carry on with a smile, to keep fighting for their lives, to find meaning. It is now when I feel better to have found people who feel what a group is and that they do not want to betray, but to nurture the team and nourish themselves from it, as it should be from my point of view.

I continue with inflamed hands and legs burning, but that has not stopped this morning, the help and support group of Gran Canaria has returned to work and Ana Maria and I have encouraged us to make hiking equipment and have gone to Take those steps that are so necessary for our health and that we are prescribed by doctors. We are approaching the path that they have done right in the stadium and we have made several turns for him, making us confidences and helping us in that work of getting more involved in walking for our health. This is the true philosophy and for which the groups of help and support have been created. That is what has to work, and not false and destructive criticism.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz