May 25, 2017

botón y aguja

Good afternoon:

It was not a good day today, no; I did not rest well and got up early. My legs burned literally and I could not find any position that was not uncomfortable; Even the sheets hurt me. I got up exhausted, but I did not want to stop, so I thank Ana to accompany us to walk, because if you go alone, when you feel that way it is very easy to decide that you stay at home.

Like all of this week we went to walk and, although we maintained the pace and the distance we could extend it a little, I felt absolutely exhausted when climbing hills and when arriving home. The truth is that all this began yesterday, that I had to get into bed at seven in the afternoon because my neck could not wait.

When I try to remember yesterday afternoon / evening, everything seems like a movie I saw a long time ago, because I have no clear memories of what I did. I know that Elba kissed me good night because she always gives it to me, but I do not remember what it was like. I know that Alberto came from training because I remember the feeling of doing the meditation in the room and that he came to greet me, but I’m not sure what happened. I also know that Pablo came home because I remember he came to greet me and I told him, at a certain moment, that I was going to sleep, but they are memories – from a certain hour – of a person who has lived through these circumstances for many Years and that another is telling.

Well, the morning and the day have passed with great weariness and with little force, but I have gone to walk – I repeat the graces to Ana – I have eaten and I have accompanied Pablo to Pick up Ines; Now I already do not give for more, I got into bed to take advantage of writing and put me to cross-stitch with Ines who asked me to teach her and as I can not do many things of games with her, it’s a wonderful way to To give use to my fine psychomotricidad to go training her and to be and to share with my daughter a greater time and of ludic learning.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.