May 26, 2017

Niños bailando

Good afternoon:

Good day today. We started my pains and I, but since we had an inescapable commitment, we put on the best face we had and we went straight to school at the Canarian day party that Ines had. We watched her dance and we heard her sing, and it is wonderful to see how many children together are able to create such an emotional atmosphere to give their joy to the parents that we can attend. These are things that remain engraved in the retinas of parents and children.

As I said I went with my pains but with all my illusion as every time I go to some event of children. I woke up after not having rested much and with enough pain, especially of head. The hands were double of what inflamed they were and the legs continued burning, but the illusion could with it although after the consequences have been amounts, because my head hurts a lot, I am exhausted and with feverish.

When I got home I slept in the armchair to watch a movie and I was torn between the cold and the heat. Then we put another film, this time for Ines and we saw her eating threads. It is now when I disown what is at home because I can not stand much the noise level there is, it is not that much, but my head can not stand it anymore, and I isolate myself in my room to write and answer comments. I am also using that time to do guided meditation and I am doing very well; I can relax something, something necessary because I find my muscles very tense, my jaw seems to be disengaging at times, but when I am aware of what happens try to release and relax.

Well, I hope to help in something and that the experiences that I’m telling will help other people who live the same thing to understand that it is normal and that we are not, as some doctors say, depressing or boring; What we have is fibromyalgia and these are some of the symptoms that we face daily.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.