May 28, 2017


Good afternoon:

How have you felt when you see someone you love, or just want to, change suddenly and become someone else? What would you do if you mutated into someone totally unknown?

I have often wondered how our family members should feel when we change so much when fibromyalgia begins to wreak havoc on our people; Many times I have imagined how lost our friends should feel to see that we practically do not want to be by their side; Many times I wonder why they have to understand each other when no one explains them, that this disease exists and that sufferings are what they are and not others.

True, it is true that there are also immature people who only love you if you are well – that is, they do not want you – bad ones that have only wanted to take advantage of what you could give and they did not want to be when you have needed them; Insecure, that the world has come to them because they do not know how to respond to this situation, etc.

But if we stop to think, and I do not go to value the condition or reality of each one, and put ourselves in the place of those people who are in our family or circle of friends, we will understand that it should not be easy to be with someone who , Suddenly begins to have sudden mood swings, little desire to socialize, an overwhelming fatigue and an exacerbated mood. All this must lose the people who share our life, maximum when almost no doctor is able to explain how to act and how they can support you and accompany you in this new path that you have to undertake thanks to fibromyalgia.

I break a lance in favor of the family circle and friendship that accompanies us, supports us, understands us, and continues to love us despite our changes and our apparent lack of interest in what we used to do in the company of all of them . I also break a spear in favor of fibromyalgia that has been able to explain to their loved ones what this disease consists of; And I break a spear more in favor of those who have done their best to adapt to the new situation and have begun to overcome this disease with those who suffer.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.