May 29, 2017

Tatuaje madre hija

Good afternoon:

Today has been a different day at home. Ines has not had to go to class because they make a bridge since tomorrow is a holiday. The truth is that it is a shame, because for a day that we have to be alone, again the fibromyalgia has taken several hours that could have dedicated to her. But not everything is negative.

When I got up, she had started and was in the living room, watching drawings. We had breakfast and we got with the things that had to be collected to be able to put us to what we fancied. We take out the dogs and – although he counts all this quickly is a luxury to live with her because of each thing makes a game with the imagination that characterizes her – then we sit down to decide what we were going to dedicate to do the playful part that we fancied .

We took the jobs we had bought the other day and that’s what we decided; cross-stitch. Already, I know that for some it is something more than boring, but with her and with the way she has to discover the new things she is learning, it is an adventure to live it.

He started giving the stitches he was telling him about Snow White’s drawing that he had to embroider and enchanted with his new silicone thimble. At ten minutes decided that the dogs were very alone and that he would keep them company. Well, deep down I thanked him because my head ached and I could not fix my eyesight. The pain was so intense that he wanted to vomit, but as he laid his head on the cushion, everything was happening; The feeling was like I was getting dizzy on a boat trip. It’s happening now; And the dwarf helped me a lot in the improvement. His understanding, his smile and his words of encouragement were sufficient, along with medication, to improve exponentially of this state, so we see that there are some things that improve this disease and one of them is the love and love of the beloved.

Thank you for reading me, I send kisses and hugs of cotton waiting for you to share in order to help more people.

María Díaz.