May 31, 2017

Una sonrisa en mi rostro no significa ausencia de problemas sino....

Good afternoon:

Having rested a lot and well, I feel absolutely fortunate to have the people I have and all I have by my side.

Today the day has dawned rainy and humid, so our bodies are not at the best performance they can; No matter, we move and do what we can, walk, walk, go to the supermarket, talk to someone in the family, etc; Those things are really the ones that make us feel that we are alive, that our heart beats inside our body and that we continue to feel life, that we have, with its good things and its bad things, but our life that it only enters Who we let in and in which only we who decide.

Human relationships are very complicated, each one is from his mother and father and receives the education he receives just as he has the character he has. With our pathologies, relationships become even more complicated, because many people do not understand us, others do not believe us and others simply do not care about them; But it does not matter, we keep on looking at those who are at our side, looking at those who do not judge us, looking at those who give us affection and try to understand us, because they must be the people really important to us. Many times we spend more time on people who are not on our side than those who are, making a terrible mistake from my point of view.

Fibromyalgia should teach us to distinguish between these two types of people, because we exhaust ourselves much less since we will find ourselves in a calmer life and the forces will not spend them in fights or arguments, we will use the little force that we have, especially in moments Of crisis, in those who really deserve our attention. Fibromyalgia should teach us to choose, to save our strength and to spend our time doing what we really like and who we really want.

This is not easy. But possible. Some people find it more difficult than others to understand that some toxic relationship is not worthwhile, but time teaches us that we can overcome it and we can do without all that tension.

Life continues to surprise me positively despite the pains and inflammations; Life continues to smile and I to her, because I believe that is the way to get ahead, the way to get up each day to do what you should do and what you feel like doing, forcing you to do what you do not feel like Which is healthy for you.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.