June 1, 2017

Un psicólogo vaso de agua

Good afternoon:

My dear friend Silvia Abellán has today put into her group FIBRO SONRISAS Y MÁS a publication that I have always loved. It is a reflection that many times we lose sight of the speed that life takes. It is a reflection that, on many occasions, would help us to be much happier and would help us to “drop” quickly what “weighs” us too much. Obviously the reflection is the one that is written in the photo accompanying the article and it is something that the people who suffer and live with fibromyalgia in our body, we should learn to do. I fervently believe that we should write it on paper and put it in the mirror where we look each morning, not to forget that it is one of the most important tasks of love towards ourselves.

It is not a question now of letting go of all the responsibilities we have to lead a comfortable life with no implications or responsibilities. We must assume what is our responsibility, but not what is not and we believe it is, either because we are self-deceived, because we feel sorry or because we are convinced that it is. Our responsibilities are those we want to assume and those we freely assume.

Many times, on the beach, my husband and I look at people walking and we see what they transmit with their body attitude – obviously we lucre, because we do not know if it is or not – and we have found many people who seem to go with a huge Weight on his back, so much weight that his body has begun to curve into a kind of hump. We have always commented that it seems that these people go through life supporting issues that are not theirs or that they surpass him. Things must have a beginning and an end and should never surpass us in what we can endure. If we can not because we can not because we become very big or because we do not know the exit, or we remove it from the best possible way, or we seek the help needed to solve it.

Our disease is already exhausting enough to carry on our shoulders the weight of something that does not correspond to us and because someone has decided that it is ours or that of something that surpasses us. We must have an important mental hygiene and free ourselves from the burdens of others, hold each other accountable to their own circumstances and drop the weights that do not help us to progress in a light and healthy way.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.