June 2, 2017

El éxito es ir de fracaso en fracaso sin perder el entusiasmo

Good afternoon:

Today I celebrate life. I celebrate it because it’s a strange day; Is a day where you look around and you realize that the world continues to walk despite the things that happen; Today I celebrate that the world does not stop, that life is much more so than anything else and that we must cling to it at all times.

He left the same way he lived, discreetly, quietly and in silence. That was his way of being and his way of leaving. He left and you see that you have to keep going; That you have to continue on the train because getting off would not get you anywhere; You’re still on the train despite everything, even for everything.

This train called life is the one that takes us in each moment to the circumstances that surround us. This train is the one that has brought us here and is the one that will take us to the end, until our body and our mind endure. This train is the one that teaches us that nothing is easy and that each one has different cards to play the game, but that with those letters you must play the best possible.

It is for all this reason why, understanding that it is not easy, but quite the opposite, and that things can become more and more complicated, we must live our life in the best possible way, in the best way despite the circumstances that This disease does not stop and despite the vicissitudes of our reality. But living implies that, living. It involves getting up in the morning, looking at the day and saying “I’m coming for you”; Look at our loved ones and enjoy their smiles, their words, their anger even, their games. Look at life with the desire to keep going even if it hurts us, even though this is not our best moment or even though it is raining. Look around us thanking what we have and what we can offer ourselves and others, and as I said, despite our illness. Do you know anything? we can!!! – although Silvia thinks that it is propaganda of a political party. We can and out of respect to ourselves, we must !!! It is our duty to try to give our best to ourselves, and in that moment, we will see how the crystal begins to clear and see life with brighter colors. Respect for our person implies comforting ourselves, getting to know ourselves and loving us, so, for that!

María Díaz.