June 6, 2017


Good afternoon:

Here we are one more day, an unusual day of June in my land where it would have been hotter. Here we are dealing with life and the circumstances that surround it, strange at times but not discouraged by them.

A strange day dawned on the weather and dawned a day of medical set-up visits. A set-up that will never end, because, as our condition is chronic, we will continue to need the professional set-ups. If we think we are real fighters and we have won many battles, because it is not easy to live what we live, every two by three we need a doctor and for some different reason or not. Every two to three we go to places where we have to explain the same thing one and several times, where we hear half of what we say and the other half assume it as they are able to assume it, some doctors in one way and others in another. Every two by three we have the same forgettings, the same repetitions, the same stumbles and every two by three we solve them even with the reduced capacities as we have them. What we have said, we are true fighters and we go forward in circumstances that are not conducive to the human being.

With all that I can say is thanks to the life that has given me the strength to be able to deal with this disease, to be able to get ahead in the best way I know; Thanks to life because, even with this disease, he has let me meet wonderful people like the one I have met and he continues to teach me how far human beings can go – with good and bad; Thanks to life because it opens my eyes to the experiences of other people that I can learn a lot and, of course, thanks to the life that lets me express myself freely so I can say what I think and feel, knowing that there are people To which they may like and others to which they do not and always respecting any of them.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.