June 8, 2017

camino de árboles

Good afternoon:

Has it ever happened that they lose the illusion for something? I guess yes, that as we mature, we are losing the illusion for some things, although we also start to excite with others. Today I feel at that crossroads. I realize that I’m finished with the illusion of continuing with some projects started, but that my unstoppable thinking continues to devise others with whom I may be able to help more and better. I do not know, I think I have to give the story enough time to see if I’m going to do it or not.

Today I went back to walk with Ana despite the pains and the inflammation of my body. We leave early and it is the day that we have walked the most; The truth is that she is demanding very well and, despite her back injury and all her health problems, is a born fighter and deserves very much to go with her, because it does not decline and always try to take a step further.

We are doing well early for what I usually get up early, and the truth is that it is sitting me pretty good because then I am loaded with energy and the day I get much more. Although we are expanding considerably the number of steps we take, which translates into an extension of meters each day, I still have the feet inflamed, as well as the hands, which hurt me even when folding my fingers.

The pains keep insisting on being in my body, and with the time so changing there is and the humidity that reigns here, does not seem to decrease in intensity at least until summer. Well, that way we have to go on. What is very worried to me is the fatigue that supposes me almost anything; I’m starting to fight with doses of rest, so I put the housework with a good dose of restful rest. So much so that I’m beginning to love the Netflix channel and its series – I did not watch TV before; It is never late if things are done to help or help us.

I realize that we spend our lives trying to learn how or what is best for us and that with fibromyalgia, we must be students in this field to learn what is best for us. It is not easy, no, but we must do it because despite everything, it is worth going ahead and keep fighting to spend pleasant moments with friends, with the family, to learn new things, to ultimately learn and discover as We are going through our lives.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.