June 10, 2017

Feliz cumpleaños

Good afternoon:

Well here we are, just arrived from the birthday party that has been held this quarter in the course of the small. We have gone to the countryside, outdoors and away from the bustling halls to celebrate what there is in the city. The children have not stopped moving, discovering, getting dirty, eating; In short, to enjoy in an environment that is not very close to them living in the city. It has been a meeting with very nice parents with food, drinks, and much more food. Or we have had a great time.

Well, with regard to our fibromyalgic condition, I felt very comfortable because being an open space there was not much noise, because I could enter at any moment under a tree to make me sombrita and because my husband was by my side helping me In moments of crisis. When I felt very bad after eating, I lay down a little and then I got better. That yes, I felt exhausted and now I feel as if a tractor had passed over my body. It’s hard to concentrate and write, but I love having this space to tell, this space where I have full freedom to say what I feel and think and I reserve to share it so that anyone who wants to read it and if someone tires or bores, So do not read it, it is not mandatory.

The truth is that sometimes we refuse to do things because we think we are going to feel bad; Because we think that we will not be able to keep up the pace or that it will be too much tute. I think we are wrong, I think we should not put a stop to things without knowing if they will serve us to have fun and enjoy a great time in the company of other people. I think the only thing we have to take into account is how are the conditions of the place we are going to – mountaineering I do not think is a good activity to develop for us – and we must also take into account the people with whom we go; That is, if they are people who are aware of our illness, if we can count on them in a moment of crisis, if they are willing to abandon the activity in the event that we feel very bad. Taking into account that, medication and some other things, we should not stop doing activities for fear of …

Well, that said I say goodbye hoping to have helped and encouraged to leave a little fear aside and get ahead with more fun and more activities to perform.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.