June 21, 2017


Good afternoon:

It seems that, suddenly, the summer has arrived and will not give us a truce, so we adapt to it and enjoy it with the dwarves who are finishing classes already.

For my part I continue to insist on going outside, exercising and eating healthy and light. This morning I met with a friend to have coffee for her and some teas. We were chatting and chatting for a while, how nice to see you with good people and enjoy the moments that are spent together. It’s good to have a good time with someone you love.

The pains are still in my body, but I will not let them with me or at least, I will not make it easy, so in the morning I got up early, I had breakfast with the dwarf and I exercised at home with the stepper. I feel happy when I take advantage of the day and do the things that have been recommended for my health. If I feel like it later, I will go for a walk, because today we do not go out, if not, I will do another stepper time.

Today I received several calls from friends and I felt very fortunate to have them and listen to them. I thank you for being able to enjoy what I enjoy in this life, I thank you because it is wonderful to feel wrapped up and to feel that people move to know you, to know how you are, to know how you have rested; I thank you because it is wonderful to be able to tell you all this, to be able to tell you that there are people beyond the reality we live in, who are concerned and concerned about making you feel good and about listening or reading you, because that also makes them feel good. The truth is that I have many reasons to thank and I like to do it.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to be happy and to take care to feel better.

María Díaz.