June 28, 2017


Good afternoon:

Today I read a reflection that has made me think a lot. It is by Fran Mezcua and it says: “The smile has a universal language, a sincere smile brings you closer, shortens the distance between you and the other, how many are you going to give today?”

I loved it and it made me think. It is very important to smile at people; Smile them naturally, in a sincere way. It is true that it makes life more pleasant to others and to ourselves. It is true that with a smile things seem to come out better and optimism is installed in what we do. My daughter is in a camp and she called me yesterday. He told me that he was having a lot of fun but that he was missing something; That we lacked. He recognized me that waking up with a smile and a kiss makes the day start differently; Makes the day start lovingly and pleasantly, which helps to carry forward the multiple tasks we must do. That good! What is good is to see that what is harvested is missed when it disappears, although in this case has disappeared to enjoy other things.

It’s true that it’s important to smile at people, but I think it’s much more important to smile at ourselves. Smile to give us the good days, to take the daily projects forward, to overcome the crisis of pain, to begin to have with ourselves a more enriching internal dialogue every day. Smiling will be the beginning of us to begin to address ourselves with more optimism, more love, more respect, which will make us more happy, that things cost us less and that the people around us treat us with more respect More and change your dialogue and your attitude towards us in a more positive way.

All this will be translated into harmony, a key word for those who suffer from our condition. Harmony, a word that will push away stress from our side, so that pain and crushing exhaustion will also go away. Harmony, sounds good and will help us to make our day to day less aggressive and more comforting, so the family bond will narrow and there will be more understanding.

It’s just my reflection.

Thank you for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to help more people.

María Díaz.