July 1, 2017

La vida le da las batallas...


We feel the sway of emotions directly related to our condition that makes us feel vulnerable to any change in behavior, mood or even time. We feel that we are climbing on that kind of roller coaster that we do not understand and that discolours us and those around us. But it is so, it is something that we have not chosen; Is something that damages us and against which we can not fight; Is something for which we can apologize but to a certain extent, because we should not fall into the plea of ​​forgiveness. We must learn to live with it and who want to be with us too, because if not, we will never understand each other.

How many times have we told ourselves that they do not understand us, and that is the case, they do not understand us; If anything we have learned is that who does not suffer can not understand what happens and how we feel. Empathizing with our condition is complicated even for ourselves.

Well, as it is, we have nothing left to do but assume and move forward. We assume that we suffer it, assume the change of life, assume the changes of smoke, assume the learning of a new style; Is not simple because we assume it full of pain and dizziness, dizziness, falls, lack of strength, tiredness, etc .; So we must understand that we are great fighters.

Knowing all this and assuming it we continue with joy, with the intrigue of which word or face we will forget again, with the conviction that we are not crazy, that our condition is real and that we must make it see the world that we exist , That we live it and that we deserve respect and conditions that make life simpler, that we have quite a lot of uphill already.

Today has been a day of mixed feelings where, on the one hand, I have been able to walk for a while and on the other face the wear and tear that implies the incomprehension of the mood changes I suffer. It does not matter, I suffer and I assume them, I live them and I carry them forward, like all of us who suffer from this condition: so yes, this is what there is – which is not enough for us.

Now, after the day I have lived, I feel happy and happy to have carried it on, one more. And I think that’s how we all must feel, because we are real fighters, survivors of the vicissitudes that we suffer; Some born fighters. It is very difficult to live with what we live and to add the disconsideration and disbelief of the rest of society, so encourage everyone, the difficult thing we do every morning when we get up and carry out the day. We are big!!!

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.