July 7, 2017


Good afternoon:

Here we are, with a wonderful and sunny day and at home with the family benjamina. Little by little things are put in place, which I am very happy, because we need to be organized and be calm without the stress that changes and adaptation to the new life.

Summer is on its course and with it, the movement to try to make the children have fun after a hard last course. The summer continues its course and the pains are waning because the cold has remitted. The summer continues its course and the outings to walk with the family and meetings with friends, always in the inestimable company of the man who is supporting me in everything that I am undertaking.

On the other hand, knowing that I still do not go out alone, I bought a sewing machine. I’ve never sewed before, but now that I’m testing I’m liking it and I’m glad I listened to Ana, who encouraged me to try to learn to make arrangements on my house clothes.

I keep doing stretching exercises and walking every day. When I can not go out with Ana, I work at home with the stepper so I can not stop exercising. I acknowledge that I feel good doing it and I encourage people who can do what they can to improve their physical condition and their mood.

With the diet I go forward. It is helping me lose weight and feel more agile. Sometimes it is not easy to do, but I try not to skip it. Gluten, flours, bread, and meats, so my doctor says, harm our body so they stay out of my day-to-day. I recognize that ice cream and chocolate are the most difficult thing to leave out of my life, but I am getting it with the help of the whole family, who try not to feast in my presence.

My brothers are supporting me and my father as well. I feel fortunate for it, so give me much strength to continue in the struggle and to continue with enthusiasm in this life, which I still understand as a present.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to reach more people.

María Díaz.