July 14, 2017

Máquina de coser

Good afternoon:

What madness of summer !!!, does not give me time of everything that I want to do. It does not give me time and I do not give the strength, but in this we are and towards a better quality of life we ​​move.

We are already installed in the house of the south to spend the summer. Older kids are with the other parties, so I’m taking the time to enjoy the dwarf and get closer to it, which always comes in handy.

I continue to exercise daily. I take the mornings, after my body decides to wake up – it takes a different time to my mind. I am also with the pertinent stretches and with the healthy food – I am discovering new flavors that remained hidden for my palate.

The truth is that it encourages me to see myself on the road; To see that I am overcoming the neglect I had before as far as exercise was concerned. I am also very encouraged by the sun, the light is very necessary for my best mood.

I am adapting to the new medication and I am in the process of supplying the other medication. I do not know if it will help me, because the pains are still, but it is true that the fatigue I had now I feel at certain times, so I can perform more activities than I did before.

In August come the rest of dwarfs and, the truth, although wishing it gives me a little fear for the work that supposes, I hope you understand that collaboration is fundamental and that we achieve the harmony that came to live at home before they had That to march. I imagine that we will have many things to tell us and that we will do with the passage of days.

In the hottest hours I take advantage and do some exercise in the pool; Not every day because I do not give for so much, but it makes me feel good. The days that I am exhausted, or I do not go out – just to the terrace – or float without more inside the same.

I keep trying to learn to sew with the machine, but I’m not getting it. I hope that when I get back to Ana tell me what I’m doing wrong. I have cut a dress to Ines and I will have to sew it by hand because the machine does not pay attention to me, jijiji.

Thank you for reading me, I send kisses and hugs asking you to share to help more people.

María Díaz.