July 18, 2017

Cuídate, eres el jardín dentro de ti

Good afternoon:

Again here, trying to help who wants and who comfort my words.

In summer everything is spaced a little more, we are not as structured as the rest of the year, so we enjoy more of the things we do and live in less haste. That makes our body suffer less the consequences of this fatigue that always accompanies us and of these pains that are not far from us. Summer is a good time for people who suffer from this condition, so we should enjoy it as best we can. The sun feeds on vitamins and gives us joy because, as my mother said, “open the window and let life come”.

I walk every day and I continue to do the exercises, which also makes the mood improve. I am working the aerobic part of my body, but I must also start working the postures and strengthen the muscles, especially the back, so that the pains are more measured. I have managed to go to the beach for a while with my family, but I recognize that it is a tremendous fatigue since, unless you take hammocks, the posture without supporting the back is not the best for us, so I can keep walking there and not much weather.

I’m going back to reading a lot. I do not remember the names of people who appear in books or places, but I entertain myself. I had abandoned him for some time, but I began to take his pleasure again. I like it, it entertains me, it cultivates me and it makes me work the gray cells of my brain.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help other people.

María Díaz.