July 20, 2017


Good afternoon:

The other day I read a comment from Rosa Chanza in her group that said that it was designed to respect the people who were in it and that no harmful comments would be allowed to the participants of the same or their shared articles. Plated !!! Luckily someone else puts it in writing. It is a good thing that some groups do not allow criticism of their components and what they publish and feel. The respect we give is the one we are going to pass on to the rest of the people who do not know the condition that we live daily and that we endure in our body and mind. If we are not able to be respectful to ourselves, if we are not able to convey empathy, trust and kindness, what good is it for us to generate groups of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, etc., if what we are going to receive in them is The same as we received from the rest of society. Many find it difficult to understand, it is because they have other interests or because they are not able to empathize with others or simply to respect their work and their reality.

Here I am, moved by the life that our children transmit me and by the desire to get ahead that we must be building in our brain. Here I am, pained and exhausted, yes, but fighting because my life is not reduced to this; Struggling because my life is richer in love, in relationships, in understanding, in learning. Here I find myself and it is where I want to be, in the center of my life, centered on the important changes that I have to carry out and in my family; Centered in the people that I have been meeting in this way to which I try to contribute positive things and those that contribute them to me. Here I am, receiving the happy face of my children – the dwarf is the one that is with us – and that of my husband, who sees how we are going ahead despite the vicissitudes that life is putting us in the way. Here I am in spite of criticism, lies, insults and slander. Here I am because it is where I want to be and I hope that being here will serve to continue helping, as far as possible, the people who are served my words. To those who do not serve them, far from insulting or criticizing, I advise you not to read me, it is much healthier than reading what you do not like. Here I am and, as long as I have strength, it is where I will go.

Life puts us steps that we must go up and our bodies are running out over the years and with the condition we carry. I see it that way; It is true, we are getting older and the steps seem higher but, if we have not noticed, there are lifts that save us from having to climb those stairs, there are people who collaborate to make our day to day more relaxed And comfortable, and if not, we should look for ways to make our stay more comfortable and less painful. We should try stretching exercises, going little by little and we will see how our condition improves.

Well, I bid you goodbye for the best for this day and the successive ones. I send kisses and hugs of cotton and, to those who want to be close, thank you, thank you and thank you.

María Díaz.