July 25, 2017


Good Morning:

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who, although we do not talk very often, when we do it is very enriching. We talked about how life is putting us and removing situations from the environment, how the human being must learn to adapt to it in order to survive and not plummet, and what we may or may not take to adapt.

When I arrived at the apartment I stopped to think about how, one decision or another can make our life easier or complicated, or simply that our life disappears forever. They are strong words, but they are real facts. Facts that we must take into account to begin to get out of our head the negative thoughts we usually have and start living our life from gratitude and positivity.

It’s not just that someone can think about suicide (it’s not the only thing that happens in the head of people who are going through bad spells), but it is to take into account that the decision-making that we do in those moments must be well thought out And trying to do it in moments of greater feeling of well-being that we can have in the day. A series of bad decisions can lead to disastrous consequences for our body and our mind.

I speak from the certainty that some people I know, with our condition or not, have confessed to me the fear that life has stopped for them; The fear that life no longer has anything positive prepared to give them, but that is not true; Life always has something saved that has double sides. It’s like he has several coins for us. On one side of the coin is the negative part of the gift that life has and on the other side is the positive side. We, as voters, are in charge of seeing what part of the coin we are going to choose, and we are the ones who decide how to deal with the currency that comes to us at every moment. It is not easy, no, but it is the work that we must develop to be able to get ahead positively, or do we believe that life is just a matter of luck? I do not think so; I believe that luck exists, but we must work daily from the positive part of our being so that this luck sees us and decides to stay with us. Luck exists but we must work to unite it in our lives and we must think that if we give positive things, we will receive positive things.

Many times, especially my children, I have been asked about my religious beliefs and I can not answer very clearly. I believe in people, I believe in the energy that unites us and separates us, I believe in the attraction of the energies according to what we are able to share, I believe blindly in the animal world but above all I believe that human beings are capable of giving Much more than we give to each other; I believe that the human race can and should save the world; We are the ones who have the upper hand and the only ones who can improve life for ourselves and those around us.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help other people.

María Díaz.