August 10, 2017

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Good afternoon:

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I will explain better: yesterday was a WONDERFUL day !!!

Yesterday we met some of the women who formed the group of fibromyalgia in Gran Canaria. We were joined by a companion who came from Tenerife and took the opportunity to meet and enjoy their sweet company and the different emotions that emanated from our hearts to be together and understand each other like no one would.

It is a very good and positive experience. It is a unique experience, since together we feel that we do not judge ourselves, that we understand ourselves, that words are not enough to explain to us, that with a glance, with a caress or with a hug, everything is totally said and understood.

Months ago, the doctor put the cry in the sky (it’s a way of explaining it) when I told him that I wrote a blog about fibromyalgia and that I had created a group of partners, and I say companions because no man has yet been encouraged, with the Same pathology because he understood that it was not good that he was surrounded by the word FIBROMIALGIA on so many fronts. Well, months later, all I can say is thanks to what I’ve done. Thanks to the companions who have been part of one way or another of this human project that has no more interest to share and nourish us from the experiences and understanding of who we are sailing in this same boat that sometimes seems to drift , But we can make it continue afloat with the support of both our relatives and the other people that we suffer from this our companion of fatigues.

I thank with all my heart that the girls have come home and that my family has responded so positively to this visit that we have done so much good to all.

I advise all people who are looking for a support group, believe it if they do not find it, to learn, listen and dialogue with people who have the same suffering and share these moments with their relatives, so that they understand the feeling and The suffering of us all.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton begging them to share to be able to help more people.

María Díaz.