August 22, 2017


Good morning:

Today I read a phrase that made me think a lot. It is a phrase I had read on other occasions, but today I have been able to find it fit in all the orders of our life: “To release to be happy.”

Whenever I read this phrase I interpreted it as having to do with the couple, but today I realize that it has to do with everything we live, with everything we do, with all the relationships we have. Today I have realized that we must learn to let go even of the responsibilities that we are acquiring ourselves; That we must learn to let go of the responsibilities that others put on us and that, out of kindness or stupidity, we assume and go assuming an additional burden in our backpack; A backpack that starts full of illusions but that is seeing more and more loaded with negativity and tasks that we do not want to realize.

Our condition has a lot to do with it. At this moment we do not know what came first, if the egg or chicken, but there are common factors that make those who suffer this condition we have not been able to release what is a burden to our life and our health and keep charging With responsibilities, guilts, tasks, frustrations, etc. All this means that our backpack of illusion and happiness is filled with anguish, depression, anxiety and hopelessness and it is very difficult to live. Thus it is not worth going ahead, it becomes very hard and you lose the desire to be for yourself and for others.

We must begin to be intelligent and to take more care of our well-being, leaving aside the well-being of others, though it is not our responsibility (except those who are direct dependents). Our happiness can not be negotiable and we have the responsibility to make it a priority for us. Our happiness is the engine that will make us walk steadily and joyfully through life, without fear of making mistakes, because we will understand that mistakes are the best way to learn. Our happiness is what will make our self-esteem be and remain unbreakable on our side and that we feel the self-esteem, which is that we should never be unfaithful. Our happiness will be the one that helps us to make healthy and responsible decisions for us. Our happiness comes by “letting go” of everything that has us tied to a life of anguish, depression and anxiety. We will continue to live in pain, for sure! But we will face it in a different way because we will not be so exhausted from trying to get the chestnuts out of the fire and we will have more strength to dedicate ourselves.

Thanks for reading, I send kisses and hugs of cotton.

María Díaz.